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Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Avengers Assemble!"

Again, time zooms on by and I realize I haven’t posted in a REALLY long time. Since my last post predicting the future of games would be through streaming, using OnLive as an example, OnLive went bankrupt and was purchased by some large investing firm. Though it is still running, it was sad news to me. However, it doesn’t change my mind that this is where the industry is ultimately heading for distribution. It will just take a while to get there.

This past year, I invested in building a tiny gaming computer, so I’ve been doing a lot of gaming on the PC. My current project has been to set up HyperSpin, a menu system for game emulators that allows you to select what games to play and then launches the appropriate emulator to run that game.

It is taking a long time to get it all fully set up how I want, but the results are fantastic! Just last night, I played the original arcade version of Captain America and the Avengers using an arcade stick I purchased and hooked up to the PC. While the game is much shorter than I remember it being, it was still a blast to play. The game itself is simple beat-em up stuff. Mash one or two buttons and dodge things that hurt you. The presentation is what really sets it apart from other games at the time; the graphics were never particularly amazing, even back when it was new, but the cool set pieces for each level, and the large number of enemies on screen with up to 4 people all playing together as a team. And it’s especially cool to see how the characters have evolved since then (especially with the Avengers movie being all the rage this past year). Of course, I had to use Iron Man all the way through to the end, because he’s awesome. I need to get another arcade stick so I can play it through multiplayer with someone, like it’s intended to be played.

So now that 2012 is coming to a close, and assuming the Mayans are wrong about tomorrow, I’ll be playing a lot more classic games from my past, and maybe I’ll be writing about them here. We’ll see.


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