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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sega CD & Silpheed

Minor update to my HyperSpin project; I now have the Sega Genesis and Sega 32X fully working within HyperSpin! I was never a huge Genesis fan, but there are some gems in there that I do have fond memories of. Now I'm working on getting the Sega CD fully working. It's a bit more complicated, but I have it mostly figured out, and now I'm trying to fill the library up with functioning games.

The first one I had to get working was a cult classic spaceship shooter called "Silpheed". The gameplay is still fun, even though the graphics don't hold up by today's standards. But WOW, Star Fox doesn't have anything on this game if you want to compare two titles from the same generation! Both were among the first mainstream shooters for the consoles that were built around 3D polygons instead of 2D sprites, but Silpheed is just so... epic. I spent countless hours playing this game when I was a teenager, and playing it again brought back that same rush of awesomeness I felt back then, with a touch of nostalgia glazed over the top. Granted, Star Fox had true 3D gameplay, where Silpheed used 3D graphics while still ultimately keeping the player grounded in a 2D plane like a traditional shoot-em up. But with the "amazing" power of the 1x speed CD-ROM drive strapped under, or to the side of, your Sega Genesis, Silpheed delivered comparably fantastic audio, and the scope of the action that occurs on screen was impressive. The only thing that I think Star Fox had a leg up on in overall gameplay was the branching paths that added some good replay value, which Silpheed is somewhat lacking once you run through the whole game once.

Next up on my Sega CD plate is Star Wars: Rebel Assault. It will be interesting to see how that game has held up.


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